Garden of

Planned Obsolescence

Installation Design

Garden of Planned Obsolescence is an exhibition piece offering critique on the Apple ecosystem which is responsible for extreme amounts of e-waste. 

Waste Research

Upon our research development, we learned that old chargers and chords generate more than 51,000 metric tons of electronic waste per year. According to TechCrunch, 45 million perfectly working devices were rendered obsolete when Apple discontinued the 30-pin connector in 2014. In learning this, we chose to create an exhibition piece that would convey the staggering truth around e-waste and the ecosystem of planned obsolescence that Apple continually creates.  

February 2020

Five Weeks

Collaboration with:

Daniel Neifert

Brys Fleming-Henning 

Final Outcome

Made of a large volume of obsolete apple devices/chords, branch, and metal twine, we created an exhibition piece that is meant to exist in a museum environment. We made it a priority to visualize the staggering mass of e-waste that is produced each year in our installation. The piece's form, a tree, was made in reference to the biblical story of original sin. 


Special thanks to InterConnection, Ballard, for their efforts in refurbishing and recycling used electronics and for supplying the recycled e-waste necessary for this project.