Northwest Beer


January 2020

10 Weeks


Native to the Pacific Northwest, beer culture has always been a fascinating part of what makes Seattle so special to me. Growing up in a family of skiers and mountain bikers, locally crafted beer was never frowned upon in my household. I created an 86-page book dedicated to Northwest-specific crafted beer, highlighting its cultural journey. As a reader, you can explore why it holds such a special place in the hearts of so many Northwesterners. 


Whether you're a loyal Northwest beer lover or someone who just moved to Seattle, this publication is meant to serve as a celebratory space, emphasizing the relevance and cultural accumulation of the craft beer scene. Most likely existing on a coffee table (or a beer-stained brewery bar), beer lovers from any background are encouraged to pick it up and learn a little more about specific breweries, historical points of reference, or cultural relevance. 

Visual Language

The inspiration behind the book's visual language stems from the Northwest beer scene itself. With the craft beer scene feeling grungy and often casual in graphics, I created the visual language of this book keeping that in mind. Incorporating collage scans of Northwest beer photography and contrasting it with elements of my personal hand-drawn illustrations and handwriting, this publication was made with an intention to graphically capture the energetic and special feeling of Northwest craft beer. 

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