Conference Identity 

June 2019

10 Weeks


Collaboration with:

Camille Vance

Creativity is unique to every individual, allowing for limitless possibilities — it is undefined. 'Undefined' is

a conference centered around creativity as a philosophy, encouraging the idea that it cannot be defined by one specific industry, practice, or medium. 

Visual Inspiration

Maintaining with the idea that creativity is undefined, we created a visual system with graphics that were  made using physical scans. We scanned a wide range of objects that we identified to represent creativity and the creative process: critique notes, clothing items, sketches, etc. The scans were 

then graphically and physically manipulated to represent an abstract form that was applied throughout the whole brand identity. 


As the conference explores creativity from a philosophical perspective, anyone looking to explore creativity as a whole is encouraged to attend. The speakers at this conference are industry professionals representing a wide range of creative backgrounds. Some of the speakers in attendance are Stefan Sagmeister, Sara Doody, and Sir Ken Robinson.


Artboard 1@3x.png

Brand Application

With our logo mark, we saw an opportunity to communicate endless possibilities of creative expression that could be emphasized within our conference identity. Representing the idea of "thinking outside the box", the concept of the mark is meant to inspire a creative as they are able to visualize endless visual possibilities, no matter the medium. Characterizing a box, the wrapping of the letters are done intentionally as the graphics are meant to interact with, but not be defined by a canvas.